Asparagus with salmon a la Mare

Here is the English version of my latest recipe.
This is a Croatian blog but since I am getting more and more requests for translations into English or German, I will stick to English (which I hope didn’t get too rusty J). Since Google has wonderful text translators that you could use, I will mostly translate the recipes only and see how it all develops.

I used green asparagus for this recipe since this is the only kind that the „my“ farmer I buy it from is growing. White asparagus should be fine too although they are richer in fibre. The recipe was a kind of an experiment that turned out great. It is based on a provencal sauce that I love to eat with prawns. Do not forget to cut (white) or break (green) the asparagus, peel the white ones starting just below the top.

Asparagus with salmon a la Mare
Ingredients for two adults:

150-250 g pasta, penne or spaghetti
1-2 Tablespoons butter
1 clove garlic, cut finely
1 spring onion (or 2 very thin ones), cut in rings (green part as well)
5 small cocktail tomatoes or 1 medium, cut finely
7-8 or more green asparagus
200 ml cream
2 thin slices of smoked wild salmon or 1 piece of a fresh one, diced or cut finely in stripes

Make less if this is just an Entrée (entry course).
You can use prawns or chicken instead of salmon. Cut the raw prawns along the back to open nicely while cooking.

To prepare:

1. boil about 2-3 liters of water, put some salt and start cooking penne to have them ready at the same time as the sauce. They usually need about 8 or more minutes.
2. Melt the butter slowly in a pan, add garlic and spring onions. Cook on a low fire.
3. Add tomatoes. Cut asparagus in rings and set the tops aside. Add the rings into the pan. If using fresh salmon or prawns, add them now. Add the cream and some nutmeg, salt and pepper and continue cooking. Do not forget to mix now and then.
4. After a few minutes add the tops, sliced in half alongside. If using smoked salmon, add it now and cook for a minute or two. Add more cream if necessary or if you like it creamier. Check the seasoning and serve with penne.


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